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Coupang Partners with Chunghwa Telecom to Boost Consumer Data Security

South Korean E-Commerce Giant Implements Logistics Hidden Code Technology to Protect Personal Information in Taiwan
South Korea
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In a significant move to bolster consumer data security, South Korean e-commerce platform Coupang has announced a strategic partnership with Chunghwa Telecom to introduce logistics hidden code technology in Taiwan. This initiative, which began in January, aims to phase in enhanced protection across Coupang’s home delivery services, including speed dating and rocket cross-border services, underlining a strong commitment to safeguarding customer privacy.

Coupang’s collaboration with Chunghwa Telecom introduces a robust mechanism to mask sensitive consumer information such as phone numbers and package identifiers. By converting these details into codes or partially obscuring them, the partnership significantly mitigates the risk of personal data leaks, reinforcing the defenses against fraud. This technology is a part of a broader effort to establish a solid firewall for consumer personal data within the e-commerce industry, showcasing Coupang’s leadership in adopting and implementing advanced security measures swiftly since the Ministry of Digital Development’s call for industry-wide anti-fraud collaboration in June last year.

The “Number Masking Service” (NMS) provided through this cooperation enables the conversion of order consignees’ contact numbers into encrypted codes. Logistics personnel can then contact consignees by calling a representative number on the NMS platform and entering the code, effectively concealing actual phone numbers during the communication process. Additionally, Coupang is exploring innovative solutions like dial-free QR Codes to further ease the logistics process, potentially reducing the workload for delivery staff.

Zhou Yijie, Director of Policy and Public Affairs at Coupang, expressed the company’s dedication to aligning with the Ministry of Data and Information Technology’s anti-fraud policy and enhancing digital trust through public-private partnerships. This initiative with Chunghwa Telecom represents a significant step in Coupang’s ongoing efforts to protect customer personal information and foster a safe online shopping environment.

Since its launch in Taiwan at the end of 2022, Coupang has adhered to stringent international standards for financial transactions, information security, and personal data protection, achieving several security certifications in a short period. These include compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), ISO 27001, and the Taiwan App L3 MAS information security seal. Offering multiple payment options, including LINE Pay and cash on delivery, Coupang is dedicated to merging top-notch consumer experience with the highest levels of personal information and data security.

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