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Compal to Invest NT$509 Million in New Polish Factory for Automotive Electronics

Expansion to meet growing European demand and generate revenue by 2026
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Compal Electronics , a leading foundry manufacturer, has announced a substantial investment of approximately NT$509 million to establish a new factory in Czeladź, Poland. This strategic move aims to cater to the automotive and electrical needs of its European clientele. The facility, set to be completed in the second quarter of next year, will begin trial production by the end of 2025 and is expected to start contributing to Compal’s revenue streams by 2026.

The company has acquired three parcels of land in the Silesian Province, totaling around 32,000 square meters, with an investment of PLN 9.6165 million (roughly NT$77.7 million). Additionally, Compal is channeling a further 12.287 million euros (about NT$431 million) into the construction of the new plant.

This expansion underscores Compal’s commitment to meeting the increasing demand for automotive electronic products from its European customers. The plant’s primary focus will be on automotive electronics, but Compal also plans to explore opportunities for OEM production of other products based on regional demand.

Compal’s history in Poland includes a former LCD TV assembly plant, which was later converted to an after-sales service center following a decline in TV demand. This new investment reflects the company’s strategic pivot towards automotive electronics, a sector that has seen robust growth in recent years.

The company’s recent initiatives also include leasing a factory in Mexico in collaboration with group member Jinbao, which has already begun contributing to revenue. This expansion into Poland aligns with Compal’s broader strategy to enhance its global footprint and capitalize on the growing automotive electronics market in Europe.




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