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Chunghwa Telecom Secures OneWeb Satellite Rights, Boosts Taiwan’s Network Resilience

With exclusive rights to OneWeb's satellites, Chunghwa aims to fortify Taiwan's digital infrastructure, targeting unprecedented network coverage and reliability
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Chunghwa Telecom has taken a significant step forward in enhancing Taiwan’s digital network resilience by securing exclusive agency rights for OneWeb’s low-orbit satellites, announced at the year’s end. Chairman Guo Shuiyi has revealed ambitious plans to expand this initiative by negotiating for mid-orbit satellite rights within the year, aiming to provide comprehensive coverage across Taiwan without digital network concerns.

This strategic move is part of Chunghwa Telecom’s broader objective to bolster the nation’s digital infrastructure through a layered satellite network, incorporating high-, mid-, and low-orbit satellites. Guo emphasized the utility of these technological advancements in reaching underserved areas, including remote and maritime regions, while continuing to serve corporate clients and government units. This initiative complements Taiwan’s already robust mobile and fixed network infrastructure, which boasts a 5G population coverage rate surpassing 96%, with expectations to increase further.

In light of these developments, Chunghwa Telecom reported a six-year profit peak last year, setting sights on achieving a seven-year high. The company is on the brink of reaching a market value of one trillion yuan, driven by technological innovation and a commitment to sustainable and digital transformation. Guo’s vision for Chunghwa Telecom leverages these advancements to propel the company’s market value significantly beyond the one trillion yuan milestone, marking a new era of growth and resilience for Taiwan’s digital networks.

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