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Chunghwa Telecom Expands Satellite Initiatives, Eyes Strategic Gateway in Taiwan

Strengthening its network resilience, Chunghwa Telecom collaborates with Oneweb and other partners, aiming to establish a pivotal satellite network gateway in Taiwan
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Chunghwa Telecom is advancing its telecommunications infrastructure by broadening its satellite network across high, medium, and low orbits, signaling a robust enhancement in network resilience. This strategic move, highlighted by plans to collaborate with Oneweb on a second-generation satellite, underscores Taiwan’s escalating prominence in global telecommunications, potentially catalyzing the upcoming cooperation project.

The company has embarked on an ambitious journey to fortify its satellite network. This includes an exclusive partnership with Oneweb, negotiations with medium-orbit satellite entities, and a confirmed plan for the ST-X satellite, succeeding the ST-2 in partnership with Singapore Telecom, projected for a 2026 launch. The diverse orbital layers aim to cater to a wide range of sectors, from corporate and governmental B2B markets to remote and maritime communications.

Recent developments reveal a substantial leap in low-orbit satellite integration, with the Digital Ministry noting significant progress in domestic satellite verification. Although awaiting Japan’s Oneweb ground station license, Chunghwa Telecom is optimistic about initiating comprehensive coverage across Taiwan, enhancing connectivity and reducing dependency on external network gateways.

The aspiration to establish a network gateway within Taiwan aligns with the company’s strategic vision to ensure greater network control and security, marking a departure from the previous reliance on Japan and Thailand’s gateway stations. This initiative not only represents a significant stride in technological autonomy but also reflects Taiwan’s heightened strategic importance amidst the evolving geopolitical landscape, bolstered by its semiconductor prowess and the ongoing US-China trade dynamics.

Collaborative ventures with major players like Amazon’s Kuiper and Telesat highlight Chunghwa Telecom’s commitment to diversifying its satellite partnerships, ensuring resilient and flexible network capabilities, especially in crisis communication scenarios. With these developments, Chunghwa Telecom is set to redefine Taiwan’s role in the global satellite and telecommunications arena, promising enhanced connectivity and security for the island and potentially setting a new benchmark in the industry.

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