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Chunghwa Telecom Asserts Dominance in 5G Market Amidst Mergers in Taiwan Telecommunications Industry

Chunghwa Telecom claims 5G leadership post-mergers, with 3M users, eyeing global expansion through innovation
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Chunghwa Telecom Chairman, Guo Shuiyi, declared the company’s unwavering supremacy in 5G penetration and customer base, despite industry consolidations following Taiwan’s merger with Taiwan Star and Far EasTone merging with Asia Pacific Telecom. Surpassing 3 million 5G users, Chunghwa Telecom anticipates a transition from the initial growth stage to accelerated progress, fueled by innovative applications. Guo Shuiyi emphasized the company’s commitment to maintaining leadership in 5G customer numbers.

Guo Shuiyi shared these insights at the “2023 5G Innovation Application Competition and 5G Accelerator Selection” award ceremony. Notably, Chunghwa Telecom’s subsidiaries, China Information Security International, Nongyi Technology, and Huicheng Smart Medical, have expanded into the Southeast Asian market. Last year’s winner, Boyuan Intelligent’s AI patrol, is now operational in Taiwan and Southeast Asia.

Highlighting the significance of resources, Guo Shuiyi stressed the 5G accelerator’s role in integrating essential elements for 5G, including basic transmission, cloud, and information security. He underscored the importance of collaboration and ecosystem development beyond financial investments.

Discussing new investments, Guo Shuiyi outlined Chunghwa Electronics’ strategic approach to areas like 5G, cloud, information security, and AIoT. Emphasizing flexibility, he indicated there’s no upper limit on investments, as long as promising targets align with Chunghwa Electronics’ goals.

The “2023 5G Innovative Application Competition and 5G Accelerator Selection” witnessed fierce competition, with 52 teams participating. The jury highlighted the maturity of core technologies and operational models in this year’s finalists, indicating advancements in 5G innovation. Chunghwa Telecom’s 5G Accelerator, established in 2018, has played a pivotal role in fostering innovation, attracting 65 promising startup teams to date.

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