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Celltrion Secures Major European Bid for Remsima, Herzuma, and Vegzelma

South Korean biopharma firm to supply autoimmune and cancer treatments to UniHA for three years
South Korea
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Celltrion has achieved a significant milestone in the European pharmaceutical market, winning a bid to supply its autoimmune disease treatment Remsima and cancer drugs Herzuma and Vegzelma to UniHA, the largest pharmaceutical procurement organization in France. Announced on June 20, this strategic victory ensures that Celltrion will exclusively supply these products to UniHA until 2027.

Since shifting to direct sales of Remsima in Europe in 2020, Celltrion has implemented strategic pricing to expand its market presence. According to IQVIA, Remsima captured a 50% market share in the fourth quarter of last year, highlighting its strong regional foothold.

In addition to the UniHA tender, Celltrion has secured bids for Herzuma and Vegzelma in the Brittany region, a regional public hospital group in France. These products will be supplied for four years, until 2028, underscoring Celltrion’s growing influence in the French healthcare market.

“We have successfully secured a bid for Remsima, Herzuma, and Vegzelma in the UniHA tender, the largest pharmaceutical procurement organization in France,” a Celltrion representative stated. “We will exclusively supply these three products to UniHA for three years from this month until 2027.”

The UniHA tender is a critical procurement process, with UniHA holding substantial market shares for infliximab (30%), bevacizumab (27%), and trastuzumab (13%). Winning this tender secures Celltrion a significant portion of the market for these essential drugs.

Celltrion’s success is due to its focused efforts on expanding relationships with bid stakeholders in France, identifying bidding process demands, and promoting product strengths and ESG activities. These efforts have bolstered trust in Celltrion’s brand.

“We have also won bids for Herzuma and Vegzelma in the Brittany region tender and will supply these products for four years from this month until 2028,” added the representative.

By focusing on France’s hospital-centered pharmaceutical supply system, Celltrion has achieved strong growth in one of the major European markets, solidifying its position in the EU5.


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