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Cathay Financial Holdings Posts Record Profits, Led by Stellar Performance in Insurance and Banking

Cathay's diversified subsidiaries, especially Cathay Life Insurance, drive remarkable profit growth, capitalizing on favorable market conditions and digital innovation
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Cathay Financial Holdings has set a new benchmark in the financial sector, achieving a single-month after-tax profit of 10.99 billion yuan in February, the highest among its peers. The lion’s share of this profitability comes from its subsidiary, Cathay Life Insurance, contributing 7.52 billion yuan. This stellar performance has propelled the conglomerate’s cumulative profits for the first two months to an impressive 20.39 billion yuan, with significant contributions from Cathay Bank, Cathay Securities, and Cathay Investment Trust, all registering record-breaking figures.

Cathay Life Insurance’s financial success is attributed to substantial capital gains and a steady flow of recurring income, magnified by favorable U.S. corporate earnings and a strategic response to currency fluctuations. The subsidiary’s robust financial health is underscored by a net worth ratio exceeding 8% and a resilient risk-based capital (RBC) well above the 300% threshold, ensuring strong solvency.

Cathay Bank also reported a notable after-tax profit, benefiting from the rising interest rates on foreign currency commodities and a growing portfolio in foreign currency securities. The bank’s enhanced wealth management services and increased credit card spending have significantly contributed to its profit surge.

On the insurance front, Cathay Property & Casualty showcased a remarkable 47% year-on-year profit increase, supported by strong premium growth and an expanding digital customer base. The company’s innovative digital services have bolstered its online insurance offerings, leading to a substantial increase in online member growth and premium income.

Cathay Securities and Cathay Investment Trust have similarly capitalized on the favorable economic environment, with significant profits driven by the vibrant activity in the Taiwanese stock market and strong investor interest in sectors like AI and semiconductors. Their remarkable growth rates underscore the effective alignment of their strategies with current market trends.

Cathay Financial Holdings’ robust performance across its subsidiaries reflects a well-orchestrated strategy leveraging market opportunities, technological advancements, and a comprehensive product offering. This integrated approach has not only secured record profits but also positioned the group for sustained growth in Taiwan’s dynamic financial landscape

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