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Bushiroad Acquires 16.7% Stake in Yuhodo, Bolsters TCG Development Capabilities

Strategic alliance with Yuhodo Co., Ltd. aims to enhance Bushiroad's TCG offerings and competitive edge in a rapidly expanding global market
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Bushiroad, a diversified entertainment company, has announced its acquisition of a 16.7% stake in Yuhodo Co., Ltd., a renowned trading card game (TCG) system design company. This move is part of a broader capital and business alliance aimed at strengthening Bushiroad’s foothold in the TCG sector, a genre experiencing significant global growth.

Established in 2001, Yuhodo has earned acclaim for its proficiency in TCG and digital game system design. Despite its modest size, the company stands out in a market where few can successfully create engaging TCG systems. By investing in Yuhodo, Bushiroad aims to fortify its development capabilities in this niche yet growing market segment. The financial details of the stock acquisition have not been disclosed by Bushiroad.

Founded in 2007 by Takaaki Kitani, Bushiroad initially focused on TCGs but has since expanded into various domains, including anime, digital games, music, events, merchandise, and sports. However, TCGs remain a cornerstone of the company’s business, particularly given the genre’s impressive growth in global markets. This expansion has underscored the need for stable TCG development, manufacturing, and supply – a primary motive behind the alliance with Yuhodo.

Addressing challenges in the TCG industry, such as securing a robust development system and cultivating talent, is a priority for Bushiroad. The partnership with Yuhodo, a collaborator of over two decades, is a strategic step towards this goal. Yuhodo has a history of developing major titles with Bushiroad, including “Weischwartz” and “Cardfight!! Vanguard.” The alliance is seen as mutually beneficial, supporting Yuhodo’s philosophy of creating long-lasting games and enhancing Bushiroad’s competitive advantage in an increasingly dynamic market.

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