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Bandai Namco Music Live Unveils “MoooD Records” for Global Music Expansion

New label aims to bridge music and dreams internationally, featuring artists like MIYAVI and ASH DA HERO
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Bandai Namco Music Live, renowned for its contributions to anime, gaming, and voice acting music, has introduced a new music label, “MoooD Records,” targeting a global audience. This initiative reflects a strategic shift towards broadening the reach of its musical endeavors beyond its established labels, Lantis and Kiramune. Lantis, with its strong anime connections, and Kiramune, known for promoting male voice talent, have been pivotal in Bandai Namco Music Live’s success. However, the increasing diversity and global appeal of anime music have prompted the need for a fresh approach.

MoooD Records, derived from “Music” and “Dream,” symbolizes the company’s ambition to create a worldwide musical community. This label has already onboarded artists with significant international presence and connections to anime, such as the globally acclaimed MIYAVI and the mixture rock band ASH DA HERO, known for their anime theme song hits like “Judgement” from “Blue Rock,” which boasts over 15 million streams worldwide.

By embracing a wider variety of music genres and artists with the potential for global influence, MoooD Records aspires to cultivate a roster that resonates on an international scale. This move represents Bandai Namco Music Live’s commitment to connecting with global audiences through the universal language of music, aiming to make dreams a reality across continents.

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