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AUO and CarUX Revolutionize Automotive Display Technology at CES 2024

Innovative Micro LED Displays and Privacy Technology Set New Standards in Smart Mobility and In-Cabin Experience
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AUO, a global leader in display technology, and its subsidiary CarUX are making a significant impact at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024. For the first time, AUO will exhibit its cutting-edge automotive display solutions, including the Micro LED ultimate display technology. CarUX is unveiling groundbreaking automotive display products, like the world’s first Privacy technology and the InvisiView hidden display.

Ko Furen, CEO of AUO, highlights the company’s long-standing commitment to the automotive industry and its position as one of the top three automotive display suppliers worldwide. Their deep collaboration with ecosystem partners is driving technological innovation and transformation in the automotive industry. At CES 2024, AUO’s automotive display solutions received the Best Innovation Award, inspiring new cabin design concepts and heralding a future of smart mobility.

A standout innovation is AUO’s Interactive Transparent Window, a highly transparent Micro LED display integrated into car side windows. This feature, which also won the CES Best Innovation Award, offers touch functions for entertainment, video conferencing, and safety warnings. Another notable product is the Rollable Rear Seat Entertainment Display, which uses Micro LED’s flexibility for a hidden, space-efficient design, enhancing rear seat passengers’ experience.

AUO’s smart mobility solutions extend beyond the cockpit. Their EVSE vehicle charging pile solution combines outdoor-specific Display HMI and industrial-grade computer IPC, designed to withstand wide temperature ranges and ultraviolet exposure. This solution offers clear display and smart mobile services for outdoor environments.

Innolux’s Chairman and CEO, Hong Jinyang, emphasizes the evolving role of cars as mobile living spaces, prioritizing user experience. CarUX’s approach to automotive displays breaks traditional limitations with large information displays (LID) focused on user experience and customization. Their products range from 15 to 55 inches, providing enhanced entertainment and information services.

The CarUX automotive display products stand out for their unique arc design, seamlessly integrating into various vehicle models. They feature low reflectivity, high brightness, high contrast, and rapid response times. Utilizing AM Mini-LED and automotive-grade Micro-LED technology, these displays offer unparalleled visual enjoyment.

Among their innovations is the world’s first 55-inch display equipped with Privacy technology, allowing co-pilots to enjoy audio-visual entertainment without distracting the driver. CarUX also showcases a 12.3-inch hidden wood grain display and a 10.3-inch translucent leather display, part of the InvisiView concept that integrates displays into the car’s interior for a more aesthetic design.

Meeting the trend of smart cockpits and Internet of Vehicles, CarUX introduces a 12.3-inch direct transverse panoramic head-up display. This technology projects essential information onto the instrument panel and windshield, enhancing driver and passenger comfort and safety.

CarUX’s use of Innolux’s Micro LED COB technology in car displays promises high brightness, contrast, rapid response, and high color saturation, improving visibility in sunlight and driving safety while reducing power consumption. This aligns with the energy-saving needs of the high-end automotive market, marking a new era in automotive display technology.

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