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Asahi Group Holdings Acquires Octopi Brewing, Bringing Super Dry Production to U.S.

The strategic move aims to bolster Asahi's North American presence, leveraging Octopi's facilities for local Super Dry beer production
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In a strategic expansion, Japan’s Asahi Group Holdings has acquired U.S.-based Octopi Brewing, paving the way for its flagship Super Dry beer to be brewed in the United States for the first time. This acquisition by Asahi Europe & International, a subsidiary of Asahi, involves Wisconsin’s Octopi Brewing. While financial details and Octopi’s sales figures remain undisclosed, the move marks a significant shift in Asahi’s strategy for the North American market.

Super Dry, a leading product in Asahi’s portfolio, has seen the North American market contribute to 7% of its sales, translating to approximately 700,000 cases in 2022. Previously, Super Dry was produced in Japan or Italy before being exported to North America. The plan is to produce a similar volume of 700,000 cases at Octopi’s brewery, with potential additional investments on the horizon.

Asahi has set ambitious targets for Super Dry, aiming for annual sales volume growth in the mid-10% range or higher through 2030. Despite its expansive acquisition strategy in Europe and Australia, Asahi’s lack of a manufacturing base in North America has limited its market reach. This acquisition represents a crucial step in overcoming that hurdle.

In the competitive landscape of the North American beer market, Japanese brands have faced challenges against established players like Constellation Brands and Anheuser-Busch. Asahi’s move mirrors that of Sapporo Breweries, which recently started U.S. production of Sapporo Premium beer through its acquired facilities of Stone Brewing.

This acquisition not only strengthens Asahi’s position in the global beer market but also signifies the increasing integration and influence of Japanese brewing techniques and brands in the diverse and competitive North American beer landscape.

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