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Acer Embarks on Strategic Acquisitions to Transform into Lifestyle Brand

Aopen acquires Japanese brand Amadana, signaling a shift from rationality to sensibility in brand management
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Acer Group is set to reinvigorate its mergers and acquisitions strategy this year, aiming to transform into a comprehensive lifestyle brand. Last week, Aopen, a subsidiary of Acer, announced the acquisition of Amadana Co., Ltd., a renowned Japanese boutique home appliance brand and creative studio. This move is part of Acer’s broader strategy to enhance its brand management approach, transitioning from a focus on rationality to one that embraces emotional engagement.

Acer Chairman Jason Chen highlighted the strategic importance of this acquisition, noting that it exemplifies the company’s new direction in brand management. The investment in Amadana, with its distinctive Shibuya style and design focus, is expected to complement Acer’s existing product lines. Aopen now holds a 90% equity stake in Amadana, and will start recognizing revenue from the acquisition in the third quarter. Weblink International, another subsidiary, has secured the agency rights for Amadana, leveraging group synergies to maximize market impact.

Chen emphasized that Amadana’s 20-year legacy and design ethos will enable its team to contribute to the development of Acer’s household appliances and non-PC products. He also hinted at further mergers and acquisitions, although specific details remain under wraps. Acer will pursue both internal entrepreneurship and external investments, continuously exploring new business models.

This strategic pivot underscores Acer’s commitment to evolving its brand and expanding its footprint in the lifestyle sector, integrating innovative design and technology to create a more emotionally resonant consumer experience.



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