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Yankey Engineering Achieves Record Profits in Third Quarter, Driven by Semiconductor and High-Tech Industries

Yankey Engineering reports NT$12.29 billion revenue and NT$1.39 billion net profit in first three quarters, citing semiconductor sector growth
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Yankey Engineering, a prominent clean room and electromechanical engineering firm, disclosed on the 3rd that it attained a historic financial performance in the initial three quarters of the year. The company registered consolidated revenue of NT$12.29 billion, accompanied by a net profit after tax amounting to NT$1.39 billion. This marks a noteworthy surge of 21.87% and 7.32%, respectively, compared to the corresponding period last year. Computed on the basis of ex-dividend share capital of 880 million yuan, the earnings per share after tax for the first three quarters stood at 15.92 yuan. Within this, the earnings per share in the third quarter reached 4.41 yuan, signifying a record high for the past two years and setting a new seasonal benchmark.

The notable upswing in revenue and profits for the company in the initial three quarters of this year stems primarily from heightened activities in high-tech sectors, including semiconductors, PCB, and electronic components. These industries have been actively advancing process technology and factory construction initiatives, thereby propelling the company’s sizeable clean room electromechanical air-conditioning projects. In this period, the proportion of terminal industry applications in recognized projects reached its zenith, with the semiconductor industry accounting for over 60%, followed by PCB and electronic components industries, at 15.62% and 11.16%, respectively. The gross profit margin has been consistently maintained at around 17.16%, surpassing industry standards.

Yankey Engineering affirmed that by the conclusion of the third quarter, the unacknowledged contract value for clean room projects stood at 14.66 billion yuan. While this represents a decrease from the preceding quarter’s 16.85 billion yuan, the timeline for semiconductor clean room projects spans approximately 12 to 18 months. This suggests that the company’s operations throughout this year and the next are poised to sustain a growth trajectory.

Moreover, Yankey Engineering disclosed its recent acquisition of an electromechanical air-conditioning project for a super high-rise commercial and office building in the northern region. Given the distinct hot-cold air dynamics in vertical spaces, meticulous temperature and humidity engineering specifications are essential. Notably, the construction and acknowledgment period for commercial offices spans approximately 3-5 years—longer than the technology factory construction period. This commercial air-conditioning venture is anticipated to constitute the company’s next developmental prospect, contributing to mid- to long-term operational profitability.

Lastly, the company addressed the technological competition between the U.S. and China, which has prompted domestic PCB and electronic component manufacturers to establish facilities in Southeast Asia. Yankey Engineering is actively negotiating strategic partnerships with local manufacturers through its Thai subsidiary to facilitate the progress of downstream PCB customers, entailing the design and construction of clean room electromechanical air-conditioning projects in Thailand and other Southeast Asian regions. These endeavors are slated to commence next year, poised to inject fresh impetus into the company’s comprehensive operations and diversified undertakings.

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