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vivo Unveils X100 Flagship Series, Debuting MediaTek’s Dimensity 9300 Chip

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vivo takes the lead in adopting MediaTek’s cutting-edge Dimensity 9300 chip with the launch of the X100 flagship series. This marks the X100 as the first to leverage the powerful AI flagship chip, promising an elevated mobile experience. The Dimensity 9300 chip stands out with impressive benchmarks, featuring an innovative “all-large-core” CPU design. Comprising cores such as the 3.25GHz Cortex-X4, a trio of 2.85GHz Cortex-X4, and four 2GHz Cortex-A720 cores, the chip ensures top-notch performance. The GPU, Immortalis-G720, combined with vivo’s V3 image chip, facilitates smooth 4K movie portrait recording, delivering a professional and diverse shooting experience. The incorporation of the AI-driven “Blue Heart Big Model” enhances user operations for added convenience. The vivo X100 series is poised to debut in Taiwan in mid-December, with pricing details yet to be disclosed.

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