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TV Tokyo Holdings Boosts Profits with Anime and Distribution Rights Amid Overall Decline

TV Tokyo's Q2 results show declining overall sales, but anime and distribution segments contribute significantly to increased profits
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TV Tokyo Holdings reported a Q2 fiscal year ending March 2024 decline in consolidated sales and profits, yet highlighted notable growth in the anime and distribution segment. Total sales decreased by 2.7% to ¥51,997 million, with operating income down 57.3% to ¥1,496 million, ordinary income down 46.9% to ¥3,431 million, and net income at ¥4,491 million (a 30.4% decrease).

Conversely, the anime/distribution segment saw a 2.5% increase in sales to ¥20,383 million and a 4.3% rise in operating income to ¥2,524 million. TV Tokyo Music and ATX contributed significantly to this growth, with strong overseas royalty income from anime BGM and songs, and robust rights revenue from popular titles like “Tokyo Revengers” and “Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World.”

TV Tokyo’s anime sales continue to dominate overseas markets, accounting for 80.4% of total sales, with North America and China leading. Major titles like “NARUTO,” “BORUTO,” and “Pokémon” remain strong, and the company plans to accelerate distribution and commercialization in Southeast Asia, Europe, and America.

Despite challenges in overall sales, TV Tokyo HD remains committed to securing profits through unique content, expanding anime business overseas, and increasing the global presence of its distribution ventures.

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