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Toho Unveils ‘TOHO NEXT’, a New Theatrical Distribution Label

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Toho, a titan in the film industry, has launched ‘TOHO NEXT’, a dynamic new label for theatrical distribution. Revealed alongside its 2024 movie lineup on December 13, 2023, ‘TOHO NEXT’ promises to transcend traditional movie screenings, bringing an eclectic mix of genres to the forefront, including live-action, animation, music, stage, and documentaries.

The inaugural offering under this label is the “TV series special edition ‘Detective Conan vs. Phantom Thief Kid'”, set for release on January 5, 2024. This feature is a cinematic compilation of episodes from the TV series “Detective Conan: The Million Dollar Star,” slated for release in April. Following the success of previous Detective Conan adaptations, this venture embodies the essence of ‘TOHO NEXT’s vision.

Prior to this initiative, Toho had differentiated its portfolio through the ‘Toho Visual Division’, focusing on a narrower theatrical release. This division has been renowned for distributing numerous anime hits, such as “BLUE GIANT”, “Gridman Universe”, and “PSYCHO-PASS PROVIDENCE”. With ‘TOHO NEXT’, Toho aims to elevate this approach, emphasizing the distribution of niche genres and live event theatrical releases.

Furthermore, ‘TOHO NEXT’ marks the fourth brand in the Toho Group’s arsenal, joining the likes of Toho Towa and Towa Pictures, which predominantly distribute Western films. This move mirrors the industry trend of creating secondary brands for film distribution, as seen with Shochiku’s ‘Shochiku Media Division’ and KADOKAWA’s ‘Kadokawa Animation’.

The launch of ‘TOHO NEXT’ is a strategic response to the evolving demands of moviegoers and the shifting dynamics of film production. In a market where anime companies like Aniplex, Bandai Namco Film Works, and Bushiroad are increasingly distributing their own content, ‘TOHO NEXT’ positions itself as a formidable player, poised to compete in the diverse and changing landscape of film distribution.

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