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Toho Unveils HIGH-RESOLUTION BASE: Cutting-Edge Film Post-Production Facility and Archive Service

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Toho, a prominent movie company, announced the inauguration of “HIGH-RESOLUTION BASE” on December 1, 2023. This advanced facility, located at Toho Studio in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, is designed to serve as a hub for high-end video post-production, addressing the surging demand in the film industry.

HIGH-RESOLUTION BASE features cutting-edge technology, including DI rooms supporting 2K/4K screens, monitor grading support, and a 4K/HDR-equipped online editing room, all interconnected via a 10Gbps high-speed line. Notably, it is strategically situated next to Toho Studio’s post-production center, renowned for having the highest-quality acoustic environment in Japan. This proximity allows for seamless post-production processes, from data management during filming to offline editing, all within the confines of Toho Studios.

In addition to embracing modern film technologies, HIGH-RESOLUTION BASE places a strong emphasis on preserving the longstanding film culture. From its launch, TOHO Archive, a Toho group company, commenced archiving services for video assets. Recognizing the historical significance of film records dating back to the birth of cinema in 1896, TOHO Archive aims to tackle the challenges of film deterioration over time and the difficulty of accessing valuable records stored on film.

TOHO Archive goes beyond preserving Toho Group’s video assets; it aspires to digitize a diverse range of video assets held by other companies and individuals. The objective is to contribute to the longevity and beauty of these assets, fostering the enrichment of film and video culture. This initiative aligns with Toho’s vision to elevate the global value of the TOHO brand.

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