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Toho Co. Reports Mixed Box Office Results for June 2024

Overall Cinema Revenue Drops 38.6% While Distribution Revenue Rises 21.7%
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On July 9, Toho Co., Ltd. released its preliminary box office revenue figures for June 2024, showing a significant decline in overall cinema revenue but an increase in revenue from its film distribution division.

The box office revenue from films shown at TOHO Cinemas and other theaters was 3.6 billion yen, a decrease of 38.6% compared to the same month last year. This drop reflects a broader trend in the cinema industry, where fluctuating audience numbers and competition from streaming services have impacted traditional theater revenue.

In contrast, Toho’s film sales division, which handles the distribution of films, reported a 21.7% increase in box office revenues, reaching 3.871 billion yen. This growth indicates a strong performance of Toho-distributed films despite the overall downturn in cinema attendance.

Toho’s ability to achieve growth in its distribution revenue suggests successful selection and marketing of films that resonated with audiences, even as the cinema landscape continues to evolve. The disparity between the revenue streams underscores the ongoing challenges and opportunities within the film industry as it navigates changing consumer behaviors and market conditions.



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