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“The City Without a Face” Wins Grand Prize in Toho x World Maker Short Film Contest

Kitaro's innovative work to be transformed into a live-action film by Toho, showcasing the power of the World Maker app
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Toho, a leader in film production, in collaboration with Shueisha’s Shonen Jump+ editorial department, has unveiled the winners of the Toho x World Maker Short Film Contest. Utilizing the World Maker app for creating storyboards, contestants had the opportunity to see their concepts come to life, with the grand prize offering a real film adaptation by Toho.

The winner of this grand endeavor is “The City Without a Face,” a thought-provoking creation by Kitaro. This compelling narrative explores a society where changing faces is as simple as changing clothes, delving into the deeper aspects of identity and perception. As the grand prize recipient, Kitaro’s work will not only receive 500,000 yen but also the honor of being adapted into a live-action short film by Toho. While the release date remains undisclosed, updates will be provided via the World Maker official channels.

This contest, judged by the acclaimed Hollywood director Jordan Vought-Roberts, known for “King Kong: Skull Island,” witnessed a robust participation over two months, starting September 13th. After rigorous rounds of selection, 13 finalists emerged, leading to the ultimate decision. Besides the main award, three honorable mentions were given, including the Jordan Vogt-Roberts Director’s Award, the Toho Award, and the Shueisha Award. Additionally, a special runner-up award was created for “Stunt Double” (Hazure Kono Kafusan), which also won the Best Storyboard Award.

World Maker, launched on July 12, 2023, by Shueisha’s “Shonen Jump+” editorial department, has quickly garnered over 25,000 users. This innovative app extends beyond manga creation, allowing users to develop storyboards for various video formats. Its rapid growth and functionality, spanning iOS and Android devices with plans for PC expansion and international distribution, reflect its potential as a global talent discovery platform.

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