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Tainan Spinning Unveils Strategic Move: Sells Uni-President International Building Shares to Uni-President Enterprises

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In a strategic business move, Tainan Spinning announced today its decision to divest shares of the Uni-President International Building Shopping Mall to Uni-President Enterprises, marking a significant financial maneuver. The board of directors, led by Zhuang Jingyao, Assistant Manager of the General Manager Office, endorsed the sale, citing considerations of operational synergy and future-oriented investment strategies.

The transaction, valued at NT$4.93925 billion, is anticipated to yield estimated proceeds of approximately NT$3.131 billion. Zhuang Jingyao emphasized that this move aligns with Tainan Spinning’s commitment to optimizing asset allocation and implementing long-term financial planning. The company, founded 68 years ago, plans to leverage the funds obtained to further develop the new Tainan Spinning Shopping Center, enhance the asset development of the factory, and align with the government’s southbound policy to optimize production capacity at the Vietnam factory.

Zhuang Jingyao remains confident that through strategic asset activation and diversified fund utilization, Tainan Spinning is well-positioned to meet forthcoming challenges with resilience and adaptability.

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