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TaiMed Biologics Secures Exclusive Trogarzo Distribution Deal in the MENA Region

Partnership with Saudi-based AcedrA aims to amplify Trogarzo's market presence, enhancing TaiMed Biologics's global operational strength
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TaiMed Biologics, has entered into a strategic partnership with AcedrA, a prominent pharmaceutical distributor in Saudi Arabia, securing an exclusive contract to market its innovative HIV medication, Trogarzo, across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). The agreement, finalized on March 13, follows extensive negotiations, poised to make a significant impact on Zhongyu’s financial health through notable revenue and profit increments.

Despite a steady start on the stock market, with an early trade value holding at 91.7 yuan, this collaboration is anticipated to catalyze TaiMed Biologics’s share value and market positioning. The company is actively planning to extend Trogarzo’s commercial reach beyond the MENA region, reinforcing its operational performance and market competitiveness.

Under the contract, AcedrA will undertake the responsibility of obtaining the necessary drug licenses within the authorized territories and will spearhead the drug’s promotion and commercialization efforts. In line with regulatory approvals, AcedrA is set to administer Trogarzo through a “Designated Patient Use Plan,” adhering to the specific health regulations of the region.

AcedrA, also known as AcedrA BioPharmaceuticals, operates from Riyadh with an additional presence in Dubai and Tunisia. The company specializes in addressing the unmet medical needs prevalent in the Middle East and Africa, focusing on a spectrum of therapeutic areas including rare diseases, oncology, and genetic disorders, among others. This partnership marks a significant milestone for Zhongyu, underlining its commitment to enhancing global healthcare through strategic market expansions and innovative therapeutic solutions.

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