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SkyDrive and Suzuki to Launch Air Taxi Service in India by 2027

Revolutionizing Urban Mobility: India's Air Taxi Fares to Rival Traditional Taxi Prices
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SkyDrive, a pioneering Japanese flying car startup, in partnership with Suzuki Motor, has announced plans to launch an air mobility service in India by 2027. This groundbreaking initiative aims to offer fares comparable to Indian taxi rates, a move that could revolutionize urban transportation in the country.

The project’s details were unveiled by SkyDrive CEO Tomohiro Fukuzawa at Vibrant Gujarat, a prominent trade show in Western India. Highlighting the increasing road congestion and air pollution in India, Fukuzawa underscored the suitability of flying cars for the nation’s urban centers. The proposed service is expected to charge around $1 to $2 per kilometer, aligning it closely with the cost of traditional taxi services in India.

SkyDrive, specializing in electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft, is collaborating with Maruti Suzuki, a leading Indian automaker and a subsidiary of Suzuki Motor. This partnership will focus on testing the eVTOL aircraft’s performance and exploring the possibilities of mass production and sales both in India and internationally. Hiring will be adjusted according to the project’s needs.

The decision to manufacture these aircraft in India will depend on the projection of sustainable demand. Meanwhile, SkyDrive and Suzuki are making strides in their collaborative development of three-seater eVTOLs. Production is slated to begin this spring at a Suzuki group plant in Shizuoka prefecture, Japan. Additionally, SkyDrive has recently received further investment from Suzuki.

These eVTOL aircraft, capable of vertical takeoffs and landings like helicopters, eliminate the need for runways. They are electrically powered, contributing to urban noise reduction and zero greenhouse gas emissions during flight. This venture signifies a significant step in transforming urban mobility and represents a novel solution to India’s growing transportation challenges.

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