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SK Signet Surpasses Tesla as Top EV Charger Supplier in U.S.

Secures 14% of NEVI Subsidy Program Sites, Beating Tesla in Key Market
South Korea
s 260870.KO SK Signet Surpasses Tesla as Top EV Charger Supplier in U.S.
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SK Signet, a leading electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure company, announced on May 23 that it has overtaken Tesla to become the top EV charger supplier in the United States. SK Signet secured 75 of the 537 charging sites selected for the U.S. National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Subsidy Program, capturing a 14% market share.

Through its exclusive supply agreement with charging point operator (CPO) Francis Energy, SK Signet has secured business permits for 65 sites. Additionally, SK Signet will supply chargers to other CPOs, including Applegreen and Electric Era, bringing its total to 75 sites. In comparison, Tesla, one of the world’s largest EV companies, secured 70 sites.

The NEVI program represents a significant investment by the U.S. government, allocating $5 billion over five years to build EV charging stations along over 75,000 miles of major highways. The goal is to establish 50,000 charging stations by 2030. As of May 20, 537 sites have been selected across 22 states, with total subsidies amounting to $300 million.

SK Signet’s plant in Texas has been in mass production since July last year, with an annual capacity of 10,000 ultra-fast chargers. In March, SK Signet collaborated with Francis Energy to equip its first NEVI charging station site in Ohio with 400-kilowatt ultra-fast chargers capable of fully charging an EV in less than 18 minutes. Under a five-year contract, SK Signet will supply Francis Energy with at least 1,000 ultra-fast chargers through 2027.

This achievement marks a significant milestone for SK Signet, demonstrating its competitive edge in the burgeoning EV market and solidifying its leadership in the U.S. EV charging infrastructure sector.




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