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SK C&C Gains Approval for AI-Based Stroke Diagnosis Tool

South Korea's SK C&C's new AI solution, Medical Insight+ Brain Infarct, promises rapid and accurate stroke diagnoses, enhancing patient care
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At the end of last year, SK Inc C&C – the information technology service arm of the SK Group in South Korea – revealed an exciting development in medical technology, an innovative artificial intelligence (AI) solution, Medical Insight+ Brain Infarct, set to receive approval from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety. Medical Insight+ Brain Infarct is designed to quickly and accurately diagnose cerebral infarction, detecting abnormalities in medical image data from thousands of patients using SK C&C’s advanced deep learning algorithm.

To ensure the highest levels of accuracy, SK C&C validated the solution and its diagnostic accuracy with neuroradiologists from leading medical institutions including Seoul National University Hospital. The AI solution rapidly processes non-contrast head CT scan images, identifying and categorizing brain abnormalities into seven degrees of severity to quickly arm medical professionals with information to make decisions about patient treatment.

Medical Insight+ Brain Infarct highlights abnormal areas of the brain with heat maps and outlines, helping doctors catch spots they might otherwise overlook. SK C&C plans to bundle the solution with another of its products, Medical Insight+ Brain Hemorrhage, which received approval in 2021 to identify cerebral hemorrhage, effectively combining the diagnosis processes for both types of stroke. This approval is an important step for SK C&C in the realm of medical technology, demonstrating the power of AI to revolutionize not only stroke diagnosis, but ultimately, treatment and outcomes for patients.

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