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SK Biopharmaceuticals Sets Ambitious $311M US Sales Target for Epilepsy Drug Cenobamate

Aiming for market leadership, SK Biopharmaceuticals projects significant growth in Cenobamate prescriptions and sales in the US
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SK Biopharmaceuticals is setting its sights high for Cenobamate, its flagship epilepsy treatment, targeting sales of 416 billion won ($311 million) in the US market for the current year. This ambitious goal was unveiled at the 2024 National Sales Meeting of SK Life Science Inc., the company’s US subsidiary, which took place in Tampa, Florida from February 12 to 16.

The meeting, attended by about 160 local employees and SK Biopharm CEO Lee Dong Hoon, marked the fifth annual gathering of its kind, focusing on setting new objectives and strategies for increasing Cenobamate’s market presence. Known as Xcopri in the US, the drug has already shown impressive performance, with sales hitting 270.8 billion won ($202.8 million) last year, a notable 60.1% increase from the previous year.

The surge in Cenobamate’s sales is backed by a significant rise in new patient prescriptions, with the total reaching 26,000 by December of the previous year. SK Biopharmaceuticals is not only aiming to boost this year’s sales but also to increase the total number of prescriptions (TRx) to over 30,000, positioning itself as a leader in the prescription drug sector for epilepsy treatment.

CEO Lee Dong Hoon expressed optimism about achieving full-year profitability for the first time, emphasizing the success of their direct drug sales model in the US. With Cenobamate’s accelerated growth trajectory, SK Biopharmaceuticals is also looking to expand its portfolio by introducing a second product through its established local sales network. This strategic move underscores the company’s commitment to strengthening its position in the US pharmaceutical market and enhancing its offering to meet the needs of epilepsy patients.

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