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Samsung Electronics and KEPCO Sign MOU for Power Facility Technology Exchange

Collaboration Aims to Enhance Power Infrastructure and Bolster South Korean Semiconductor Industry
South Korea
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Samsung Electronics Co. and Korea Electric Power Corp. (KEPCO) announced on Friday the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to cooperate on technology exchange for the operation of power facilities. This strategic partnership aims to enhance the efficiency and stability of power infrastructure, crucial for the competitiveness of South Korea’s semiconductor industry.

Under the MOU, Samsung and KEPCO will share technologies for evaluating and diagnosing the condition of power facilities such as transformers and circuit breakers. The companies will also exchange case studies on fault prevention and the application of new preventive diagnostic technologies, leveraging operational experiences to ensure stable power infrastructure operation.

To facilitate the implementation of the agreement, Samsung and KEPCO will form a dedicated task force and commit to ongoing cooperation. Samsung Electronics expects that this collaboration will lead to more efficient operation of power infrastructure, which is vital for its semiconductor manufacturing processes.

KEPCO, in turn, will actively share its AI-based preventive diagnosis integrated system for power facility condition assessment with Samsung Electronics. This system, combined with KEPCO’s operational know-how, is anticipated to significantly enhance the reliability and efficiency of power facilities.

The collaboration between Samsung Electronics and KEPCO underscores a broader strategy to boost the global competitiveness of South Korea’s semiconductor industry by ensuring a robust and efficient power supply. This partnership is poised to create synergies that will drive technological advancements and operational excellence in both companies.

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