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Samsung C&T Partners with DataBean to Revolutionize Data Center Cooling

New immersion cooling technology promises 80% reduction in power consumption, setting a new standard in efficiency
South Korea
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In a significant technological breakthrough, Samsung C&T Corp. has announced a collaboration with DataBean, a leading domestic cooling system technology company, to develop and commercialize an advanced cooling system for data centers. This innovative system employs a direct immersion cooling technique, where servers are cooled by being submerged in a non-conductive liquid, offering a leap in efficiency over traditional air or water cooling methods.

The system has demonstrated a remarkable up to 80% reduction in power consumption when compared to standard air-cooled systems, achieving an impressive power efficiency index of 1.02. This index measures the efficiency of power usage in relation to the total power needed for IT facility operations, with higher values denoting superior efficiency.

This next-generation cooling solution not only promises to significantly lower operating costs and environmental impact but also enhances the quality and stability of data center operations. From design and construction to equipment supply and core infrastructure, this technological advancement allows for the comprehensive development of more efficient data centers.

Samsung C&T and DataBean have taken steps to protect and globalize their innovation by filing patents both domestically and internationally, with one patent already registered in South Korea. This move positions them to compete in the global liquid immersion cooling market, a field traditionally dominated by international firms from the United States, Spain, and other countries. Securing this next-gen core infrastructure technology independently marks a notable achievement for Korea, potentially reshaping the global landscape of data center cooling technologies.

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