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Nippon BS Broadcasting Reports Declines in Q3 Earnings and Revenue

Anime production costs and depreciation burdens impact financial performance
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Nippon BS Broadcasting  has reported a decline in both revenue and profit for the third quarter of the fiscal year ending August 2024. The company recorded sales of 9,067 million yen, a slight decrease of 0.5% year-on-year. Operating profit fell by 3.7% to 1,556 million yen, while ordinary profit decreased by 3.3% to 1,561 million yen. Net profit also saw a decline, dropping 2.2% to 1,076 million yen.

The company attributed the downturn primarily to a decrease in spot revenue and rising costs associated with program production and facility depreciation. Notably, the surge in anime content production costs, driven by active participation in anime production committees, significantly increased program production expenses.

Looking ahead to the fiscal year ending April 2025, Nippon BS Broadcasting projects a modest increase in sales to 12.6 billion yen, up 1.5% from the previous year. However, the forecast for operating profit, ordinary profit, and net profit shows expected declines of 3.7%, 5.2%, and 4.9%, respectively. The company anticipates earnings per share (EPS) to be 74.01 yen.

Despite the challenges, the company has achieved 72.0% of its sales target and over 81% of its profit targets for the current fiscal year, reflecting a steady, albeit cautious, outlook on its ability to manage costs and navigate market pressures.



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