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Nintendo Introduces Switch Initiative for Elderly Care

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Nintendo has announced a new initiative targeting elderly individuals using the Nintendo Switch. The program is tailored for senior citizens in assisted living and elderly welfare facilities across Japan. It includes activities like “Nintendo Switch training for adults to train your brain, supervised by Professor Ryuta Kawashima, Institute of Aging and Aging, Tohoku University,” as well as “Nintendo Switch Sports” and “Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.” The aim is to make Nintendo Switch and the company’s game software more accessible to a wider age range.

Nintendo has partnered with Gakken Cocofan, a provider of elderly care homes in Japan, to organize events at some of their facilities. Due to a positive response, the initiative will be expanded to include 200 elderly housing facilities serviced by Gakken Cocofan starting from November 2023. Nintendo will provide the necessary equipment and software, and with the assistance of staff, will host events for the elderly using the Nintendo Switch.

Through these efforts, Nintendo is exploring additional applications for the Nintendo Switch and compatible software. By offering unique entertainment experiences, the company aims to engage individuals of all ages, genders, and gaming backgrounds, working towards a future that brings smiles to everyone associated with Nintendo.

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