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Naver Corp Unveils AI-Powered Scout Reports for AFC Asian Cup 2023

AI Service Delivers Team Insights and Predictions for Soccer Tournament in Qatar
South Korea
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Naver Corp, a South Korean technology giant, has taken a significant leap in sports analytics by launching AI-generated scout reports for the AFC Asian Cup 2023, hosted in Qatar from January 12 to February 10. This innovative approach utilizes Naver’s generative AI search service, Cue:, combined with the AI-based communication platform, Clova X, to analyze and summarize key information about the 24 national teams participating in the tournament.

The AI Scout Report stands out for its ability to respond to specific conversational queries, offering detailed insights into each team. For instance, when asked about the South Korean or Qatari national soccer teams, the AI generates comprehensive group reports. These reports delve into the coach’s strategies, team strengths and weaknesses, past performances in the Asian Cup, and even predicted outcomes for the current tournament.

In addition to the Scout Reports, Naver has enhanced the fan experience with the introduction of Open Talk. This interactive feature supports real-time conversations and knowledge base searches, providing fans with a plethora of information. Furthermore, Naver has dedicated a special page to the Asian Cup, ensuring fans have easy access to all related content and updates. This blend of advanced AI technology and user-friendly platforms marks a new era in sports analytics, offering unprecedented insights into the beautiful game.

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