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Naver Corp Partners to Revolutionize Education with AI-Driven Services

Collaborative effort aims to introduce AI-based language proficiency and academic assessment services on the WhaleSpace platform
South Korea
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Naver Corp, a leading South Korean technology conglomerate, has taken a significant step forward in the educational sector by partnering with Daekyo and NSDevil. This strategic alliance is set to harness the power of Naver Cloud’s artificial intelligence (AI) large language model, HyperCLOVA X, to innovate educational services. The collaboration is centered around the WhaleSpace platform, an initiative by Naver Cloud launched in 2021, aiming to redefine the digital landscape of education through AI and web platforms.

The partnership, formalized in July last year, is geared towards the digital transformation of educational services. The companies have outlined plans to launch Korean and Spanish proficiency test learning services on WhaleSpace, with an eye on international expansion. To ensure the seamless operation of these services, they will undergo technical verification at Daekyo’s education centers across China, Vietnam, and other strategic locations.

A key focus of this collaboration is the development of an academic diagnostic assessment service tailored for upper-grade elementary school students. This initiative will be spearheaded by Difinition, an edtech joint venture between Daekyo and Megazone Cloud. Leveraging HyperCLOVA X and a meticulously processed learning dataset, Difinition aims to create the country’s largest repository of AI-generated assessment questions, adhering to the standard curriculum.

Enhancing the integrity of these assessments, NSDevil’s AI test proctoring solution will be integrated within the Whale browser on WhaleSpace. This technology is designed to prevent misconduct, ensuring the secure and fair administration of academic diagnostics. This collaboration represents a pivotal move towards integrating AI technology in education, promising to offer innovative solutions that enhance learning and assessment methods on a global scale.

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