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Lixil Grapples with Triple Challenges as Rising Interest Rates Dent Overseas Sales

Japanese housing equipment giant Lixil faces declining net profits, mounting debts, and potential goodwill losses amidst global market challenges
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In the face of rising interest rates, Japanese housing equipment manufacturer Lixil encounters a trifecta of challenges affecting its fiscal stability. Higher rates have stifled overseas home sales, amplifying the burden of Lixil’s interest payments on burgeoning debts from past acquisitions. This financial strain contributed to a five-year low in net profit for April to September, marking a 94% decline from the previous year.

Lixil’s core kitchen and bathroom fixtures business, particularly in Europe and the U.S., has suffered from the ripple effects of increased interest rates. Sales have contracted, reflecting a 17% dip in Europe and a 1% decrease in the U.S. The company’s CEO, Kinya Seto, urgently seeks to revitalize overseas operations as servicing debts becomes increasingly challenging.

Asset impairment risks loom large, with potential losses estimated at around 40 billion yen for fiscal 2023. Lixil’s focus on structural reforms and cost-cutting measures aims to fortify its global presence, yet challenges persist. Shareholders, buoyed by consistent returns, now face uncertainty as Lixil grapples with a payout ratio of 162% in fiscal 2022. Seto’s leadership and strategic reforms hold the key to steering Lixil back toward growth and overcoming its current woes.

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