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Kakao Healthcare Launches AI-Driven Blood Sugar Management App

The Pasta app integrates with CGM devices to revolutionize diabetes care, aiming to cut treatment costs significantly
South Korea
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Kakao Healthcare Corp., a subsidiary of the South Korean tech giant Kakao Corp., has unveiled Pasta, an innovative blood sugar management service. This app, designed for the burgeoning digital healthcare market, caters to diabetes patients and those suffering from related chronic conditions. By harnessing the power of continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) devices and smartphones, Pasta offers a comprehensive approach to managing diabetes more effectively.

Currently compatible with Dexcom Inc.’s G7 and i-SENS Inc.’s CareSens Air CGM devices, Pasta is accessible through both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. The company has announced plans to enhance Pasta’s capabilities by integrating it with Biocorp’s Mallya, a smart cap for pen injectors, marking a first in the global healthcare sector.

With ambitions to extend Pasta’s offerings to encompass a wider range of chronic diseases associated with diabetes, Kakao Healthcare is eyeing expansion into international markets, starting with Japan. The app aims to empower users to take control of their health by providing insights into how lifestyle choices impact blood sugar levels. It also encourages the adoption of healthier habits through easy-to-understand data analytics and personalized content.

Beyond individual care, Pasta Connect Pro, a parallel platform, facilitates the sharing of blood sugar data with medical professionals, promising to streamline patient treatment and integrate seamlessly with hospital records. Kakao Healthcare’s CEO, Hwang Hee, envisions Pasta significantly reducing diabetes treatment costs, emphasizing the company’s commitment to enhancing healthcare accessibility and affordability globally.

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