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Innocean Worldwide Launches Social Media Marketing Subsidiary, Innocean S

Innocean Worldwide Launches Social Media Marketing Subsidiary, Innocean S
South Korea
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Innocean Worldwide Inc., a key marketing communications arm of Hyundai Motor Group, has announced the establishment of its new subsidiary, Innocean S, dedicated to social media marketing. This move signifies the company’s strategic expansion into the increasingly vital realm of social media in the global marketing landscape.

Innocean S is designed as a full-service agency, adept at managing a wide range of social media marketing aspects. This includes social media strategy planning, content creation, operation, and handling global client management. The ‘S’ in the subsidiary’s name stands for a suite of solutions – Strategic, Global, High-quality, and Creative, reflecting the company’s comprehensive approach to social media marketing.

The subsidiary is characterized by its young, independent organizational structure, led by a team of seasoned experts. This setup is intended to promote flexible decision-making and agile management activities. Innocean S aims to work in synergy with its parent company, enhancing Innocean Worldwide’s existing operations in the digital marketing sector.

At the helm of Innocean S is Lee Yoon-Kyung, previously a team leader at Innocean. Under Lee’s guidance, Innocean S is poised to become a key player in the social media domain. Acknowledging the pivotal role of social media in the consumer journey, Lee emphasized the subsidiary’s commitment to being a transformative solution provider. Innocean S plans to innovatively address the diverse missions and challenges faced by brands in the dynamic social media landscape. This development marks a significant step for Innocean Worldwide in reinforcing its position in the global marketing communications arena, particularly in the digital and social media sectors.

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