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Hyundai’s Asan Plant Achieves Landmark 100% Waste Recycling Rate, Earns ‘Platinum’ Certification

South Korea
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Hyundai Motor Company secured a pioneering achievement as the first global automobile manufacturer to achieve a 100% waste recycling rate, a feat recognized through the prestigious ‘Platinum’ grade in the ‘Zero Waste Landfill Certification’ awarded by UL Solutions, an international safety science certification agency.

The announcement, made on the 24th, highlighted the Asan plant in South Chungcheong Province, which garnered the top-tier ‘Platinum’ rating after a rigorous evaluation of its waste recycling practices. UL Solutions classifies businesses into platinum, gold, and silver grades based on the actual waste recycling rate, a recognition earned by Hyundai’s Asan plant for achieving a flawless 100% recycling rate.

Zero waste landfill certification is a testament to environmentally responsible waste disposal practices, including energy production through incineration and the efficient reuse of waste through recycling and composting. Hyundai Motors emphasized their commitment to sustainability, detailing the Asan plant’s utilization of recycled scrap metal for steel production and the reintegration of waste casting sand and aluminum into the engine production process. An official from Hyundai Motors reiterated their dedication to ongoing efforts in waste resource circulation and effective management.

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