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Hyundai Mobis Unveils Mood-Based Interior Lighting for Enhanced Driving Safety

New Technology Adapts Car Lights to Driver's Mood, Aiming for Safer, Personalized Rides
South Korea
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Hyundai Mobis Co., ranking as the world’s sixth-largest auto parts manufacturer, recently introduced a cutting-edge system designed to revolutionize car interiors. This innovative technology adjusts interior lighting based on the driver’s mood and physical condition, aligning with the company’s strategy to bolster its role in the future mobility industry.

Developed by the Hyundai Motor Group’s subsidiary, this human-centric lighting system is tailored for the evolving landscape of mobility. It leverages advanced technology to sense the user’s biorhythm and driving environment, enabling dynamic adjustments in color, brightness, and display of automotive interior lights. This approach not only enhances the driving experience but also significantly contributes to driving safety.

Hyundai Mobis’s initiative redefines the function and role of car interior lighting, pivoting towards a more personalized user experience (UX) – a key trend in future mobility. The system’s design reflects a shift in automotive interior lighting, transitioning from a purely aesthetic element to one actively supporting human health, safety, and convenience.

To achieve this, Hyundai Mobis combined core software and hardware technologies, including eye-tracking, biometric control, and automotive electronics system control. This integration allows the creation of 32 distinct lighting patterns, responsive to the driver’s biorhythm, health condition, and external factors.

For instance, the system is capable of analyzing stress levels through heart rate and eye blinking patterns, adjusting the lighting color accordingly – red for detected stress and green for a relaxed state. Additional features include calculating the risk of door dings when opening the car door, indicated through color displays, and a sterilization function using ultraviolet-C (UVC) lights.

This development marks Hyundai Mobis’s transition into a mobility solution provider, merging innovative software-oriented technologies with its expertise in traditional automobile engineering.

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