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Horiba Unveils Plans for State-of-the-Art Semiconductor Factory in Kyoto

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Horiba, Ltd. announced a significant expansion in the semiconductor sector with its group company, HORIBA STEC, set to construct a new, cutting-edge factory in Fukuchiyama City, Kyoto Prefecture. The commencement of the construction is planned for July 2024, with completion targeted for January 2026.

The new facility, representing an investment of approximately 17 billion yen — the largest in HORIBA Group’s history — is designed to be a core factory for mass production technology. With an expansive production area of about 10,000 square meters, it will specialize in manufacturing key products like mass flow controllers and chemical concentration monitors. The factory is poised to boost domestic mass flow controller production capacity up to threefold compared to the existing capacities at the Kyoto and Aso Plants.

Moreover, the facility will diversify its production portfolio to include printed circuit boards for internal use, semiconductor-related products and systems, and other non-semiconductor business products. Strategically located adjacent to the Kyoto Fukuchiyama Technology Center, the new factory will focus on enhancing product performance and expediting the development cycle.

In line with environmental sustainability goals, Horiba plans to integrate renewable energy systems, including hydrogen power generation, in the factory’s operations. This expansion is a strategic move by HORIBA STEC, which currently holds a commanding 66% global market share in mass flow controllers. The decision to establish a new factory aligns with the anticipated medium to long-term growth of the semiconductor market, despite recent expansions at the Aso factory and enhancements in overseas production systems.

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