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Hanwha Systems’ Flexel Space Partners with Terran Orbital for Satellite Solutions

Collaboration to enhance solar cell supply and develop next-generation satellite technologies
South Korea
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Hanwha Systems’ in-house venture startup, Flexel Space, has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with U.S. satellite manufacturer Terran Orbital to strengthen their strategic partnership in developing advanced satellite solutions. Announced on June 28, this collaboration focuses on the supply of solar cells, joint research and development of satellite power systems, and the advancement of next-generation satellite technologies.

Under the agreement, Flexel Space will provide its innovative tandem solar cells to Terran Orbital’s satellite projects. Tandem solar cells, characterized by their dual-layer design, enhance efficiency by absorbing sunlight across different wavelength regions. This supply marks a significant step in optimizing satellite power systems.

The partnership aims to leverage both companies’ strengths to gain a strategic edge in the global market. By sharing resources, Flexel Space and Terran Orbital plan to boost product performance and cost competitiveness. The cooperation extends to expanding their presence in the U.S. and Asian markets, developing joint solutions, and enhancing satellite production capabilities.

An official from Hanwha Systems highlighted the potential of this collaboration to accelerate the commercialization of tandem solar cells for space applications. The partnership is set to play a crucial role in developing core components for various space projects, including space exploration and space power plants, alongside satellite production.

This strategic alliance underscores Hanwha Systems’ commitment to innovation and leadership in the space technology sector, positioning both companies for significant advancements and market growth in the coming years.



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