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Hanmi Semiconductor Clinches Record Deal with SK Hynix for Advanced AI Chip Equipment

Securing a monumental 21.5 billion won contract, Hanmi Semiconductor sets a new company milestone with its innovative AI chip technology, eyeing annual sales goals
South Korea
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In a landmark agreement, South Korea’s Hanmi Semiconductor Co. has announced a significant 21.5 billion won ($16.1 million) contract with SK Hynix Inc., a global leader in memory chip production. This deal, focusing on the advanced third-generation artificial intelligence (AI) semiconductor high-bandwidth memory (HBM) hypermodel dubbed “dual TC bonded griffin,” marks a pivotal moment for Hanmi, underscoring its technological prowess in the competitive semiconductor equipment sector.

This recent transaction is part of a series of lucrative orders from SK Hynix, totaling over 200 billion won to date, including substantial agreements in the latter half of the previous year and earlier in February. These cumulative orders not only represent a significant revenue boost for Hanmi but also signify the largest order volume in the company’s history, showcasing its growing influence and reliability in the semiconductor industry.

Under the leadership of Vice President Kwak Dong-shin, Hanmi Semiconductor has fortified its market position through relentless innovation and strategic patenting, boasting 109 patents related to bonding equipment. The company’s specialized dual TC bonders, renowned for their advanced technological attributes and precision, are a testament to Hanmi’s commitment to excellence and innovation in semiconductor manufacturing.

With this deal, Hanmi is on a robust trajectory to meet its ambitious sales target of 450 billion won ($337 million) for the current year. This achievement not only highlights Hanmi’s capacity for high-tech innovation but also solidifies its status as a key player in the global semiconductor industry, poised to contribute significantly to the ever-evolving realm of AI technologies.

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