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Great Tree Pharmacy Affirms Expansion Amidst Industry Competition, Unveils ‘Three-Cross Plan’ for Post-2026 Growth

Despite industry competition, Dashu Pharmacy maintains store expansion plans and unveils innovative 'three-cross plan' for future growth
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Great Tree Pharmacy convened a legal meeting today to address industry challenges amid fierce competition from rivals like Cosmed and Watsons venturing into the pharmacy sector. Great Tree’s Chairman, Zheng Minglong, asserted the steadfastness of the 2021-2025 store expansion plan, undeterred by current financial challenges attributed to heightened competition.

Zheng Minglong acknowledged a potential deviation from the initial target of 350 stores by year-end, estimating around 333 stores by Q3. However, he emphasized that the 2025 goal of 500 stores remains unchanged. Looking beyond 2026, Dashu introduced the “three-cross plan,” spanning cross-industry (pets), cross-overseas (Malaysia), and cross-China. Notably, the pet segment, set to launch mid-year, has already established nine stores with plans for 11 more by year-end. The Malaysian branch, operational since August last year, and a recent MOU with Tongshuyu Pingmin signal an ambitious future for Dashu in Shandong, China. The collaboration includes the establishment of a new company, managed by Dashu and Tongshuyu Pingmin, aiming to open ten stores in Shandong next year as a strategic market test.

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