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Gogoro Unveils Pulse, Its Latest High-Performance Electric Motorcycle

Gogoro Pulse Breaks Tradition with Sleek Design and Advanced Features, Targeting Speed Enthusiasts
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Gogoro, a key player in the electric vehicle market, has launched its latest flagship motorcycle, the Gogoro Pulse. Breaking away from its traditional rounded design, the Pulse features a dynamic, sharp aesthetic geared towards speed enthusiasts—a market segment that Gogoro has struggled to penetrate in the past.

This new model marks a significant shift in Gogoro’s design philosophy, transitioning to a more angular and aggressive look. The Pulse is powered by a newly developed 9 kW H1 electric motor capable of 10,000 RPM, pushing the boundaries of electric motorcycle performance. This motor enables the Pulse to accelerate from zero to fifty in just 3.38 seconds, rivaling 158 cc-class gasoline motorcycles and setting a new standard in the electric vehicle industry.

The Pulse is not just about raw power. It also boasts state-of-the-art technology, including a 10.2-inch central touch digital instrument panel developed in collaboration with Qualcomm. This panel offers features like turn-by-turn navigation and real-time traffic updates, enhancing the riding experience. Additionally, it supports headphone connectivity for audio prompts.

Lighting technology has also seen an upgrade with the introduction of the first-ever active matrix headlights, consisting of 13 Class-D LED lights. These headlights adapt to road conditions, improving safety by illuminating blind spots, especially during turns.

The pricing of the Gogoro Pulse reflects its high-end positioning, starting at 109,800 yuan, with more advanced Pro and Ultra versions potentially reaching up to 120,000 yuan. The distribution of the new features across these versions remains unspecified, but the Ultra is expected to include the full array of upgrades.

Despite the excitement around the Pulse’s performance and smart capabilities, consumers still face familiar challenges, particularly regarding battery life. The impact of the Pulse’s enhanced power on its battery longevity is yet to be seen and will be a key factor in its market success.

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