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Far EasTone Completes Merger with Asia Pacific Telecom, Ushering in New Telecom Era in Taiwan

Post-merger, Far EasTone boasts the largest bandwidth and spectrum resources in Taiwan's telecom sector
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Far EasTone Telecommunications has officially completed its merger with Asia Pacific Telecom, marking a significant shift in Taiwan’s telecommunications landscape starting December 15. This consolidation positions Far EasTone as a leading force in the industry, with the company holding what it terms the “Triple Crown of Spectrum” – the largest total bandwidth, continuous low-frequency bandwidth, and 5G bandwidth among Taiwanese telecom operators.

According to Far EasTone, the merger’s immediate effect is the expansion of network coverage, almost doubling the receiving area for former Asia-Pacific customers. Far EasTone users are also set to benefit from the increased spectrum resources, enhancing their connectivity experience.

In a strategic move to streamline operations, Far EasTone has embarked on a base station consolidation project. This phase is expected to be completed by the end of January next year. The merger also brings together significant technological advancements, including the largest total bandwidth of 980MHz (4G+5G), and a 700MHz continuous low frequency for improved indoor reception.

Far EasTone is also focusing on environmental sustainability. The company has introduced AI-powered energy-saving technology and energy management systems, projecting an annual electricity saving of 86 million kilowatt-hours and a reduction of 43,000 tons in carbon emissions. This initiative parallels the carbon absorption of 110 Daan Forest Parks.

Furthermore, Far EasTone has implemented its first “AI base station site selection” to reduce redundant investments. By employing intelligent mixing and dormancy technology, the company anticipates saving up to 46% in base station energy consumption annually, equivalent to reducing about 50,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

For customers, the merger brings continuity and enhancement. Original Asia-Pacific users can retain their SIM cards and tariffs, with mobile communications still displaying “GT”. However, they now have the option to switch to new Far EasTone tariffs and SIM cards, granting them access to the enhanced network capabilities of the merged entity.

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