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Far Eastern New Century Considers Selling Industrial Land Amid Rising Demand

Company explores asset revitalization strategies including leasing, sales, and joint development
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Far Eastern New Century is contemplating the sale of its substantial industrial land holdings in Taiwan as demand and prices for such properties surge. During the recent shareholders’ meeting, Chairman Douglas Tong Hsu highlighted the potential shift in strategy, indicating that the company, which owns 570,000 square meters of land, may now consider selling portions to capitalize on current market conditions.

Hsu emphasized the company’s multi-faceted approach to asset revitalization, which includes leasing, selling, and joint development. This strategic shift aims to maximize the value of Far East New’s extensive land assets.

The shareholders’ meeting, chaired by Hsu, underscored Far East New Century’s three primary operational segments: traditional manufacturing, diversified reinvestment, and land development. Hsu outlined plans to embrace the green economy and AI era by creating green business opportunities, accelerating AI transformation, and strengthening land asset revitalization.

The company’s prime industrial land holdings are primarily located in Taoyuan Guanyin, Hsinchu Xinpu, and Hukou, totaling 400,000 square meters. These areas are earmarked for multi-party cooperation and strategic development to maximize their value. Vice Chairman Johnny Hsi noted that the surge in AI-driven demand has significantly boosted the real estate market, particularly for industrial land.

Far East New Century is currently planning the orderly development of its assets, including existing projects like the Taipei Far East Communications Park in Banqiao and the Neili Land Development Project in Taoyuan. Additionally, the company owns significant parcels in Taishan and Yilan, suitable for development in collaboration with the AI industry.

As the domestic electronics sector faces land and power shortages, the timely activation and strategic management of Far East New Century’s land assets could position the company advantageously in the evolving market.

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