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Edia’s Hifumi Shobo Launches “Hifucomi” Web Comic Magazine

New E-Book Service Features Popular Serialized Works and Exclusive Content
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Edia, has announced the launch of “Hifucomi,” a web comic magazine by its subsidiary, Hifumi Shobo. This new e-book service collates popular works from Hifumi Shobo’s well-known comic labels like “Comic Polka,” “Comic Nova,” and “Comic Laware.” The magazine, available in e-book format, is priced at an accessible 123 yen, including tax, inviting both seasoned readers and newcomers to explore its rich content.

“Hifucomi” stands out by offering a mix of serialized works, including those that have won the “Hifumi Shobo Web Novel Award.” In addition to popular genres, the magazine is set to feature mysteries, character literature, and exclusive one-shot works. This broad range showcases Hifumi Shobo’s commitment to diverse storytelling and its embrace of new and experimental formats in web comics.

The inaugural issue of “Hifu Komi” spotlights “Another World Adventure of a Reincarnated Aristocrat,” a series with over 3.5 million copies in circulation and an anime adaptation in the summer of 2023. The magazine promises an array of serialized works, including “Level 1 Strongest Sage,” “Little Girl Musou,” and “Slow Life of Territory Management with the Strongest Gift.”

Available on various e-book platforms, including Amazon and BOOK WALKER, “Hifu Komi” is positioned to be a significant player in the digital comics landscape. This launch reflects Edia’s strategic expansion in digital publishing, catering to a growing audience of web comic enthusiasts and contributing to the evolving world of online manga and literature.

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