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E.SUN Bank Shatters Records: After-Tax Surplus Tops 20 Billion Yuan, Eyes Historic Annual High

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In a flurry of financial disclosures today, domestic financial holdings witnessed E.SUN Bank standing out with remarkable financial performance. The company unveiled an after-tax surplus of 2.274 billion yuan for November, propelling its cumulative after-tax surplus for the first 11 months beyond the 20 billion yuan threshold, a historic achievement in its financial history.

Contrasting with the preceding years’ figures—20.567 billion yuan in 2021 and 15.76 billion yuan in 2022—E.SUN Bank demonstrated exceptional resilience and growth, boasting a staggering 38.9% annual increase in the initial 11 months of this year, setting an unparalleled record for the corresponding period.

Examining November in isolation, E.SUN Bank’s after-tax surplus of 2.27 billion yuan exhibited a robust annual growth rate of 24.88%, underscoring sustained financial vigor.

Noteworthy is the stellar performance of E.SUN Bank, contributing 90.3% to the total profit with a cumulative after-tax profit of 18.33 billion yuan in the first 11 months. Subsidiaries E.SUN Securities and E.SUN Venture Capital showcased commendable growth rates of 22.5% and a remarkable 832.8%, respectively, adding to the overall exceptional financial narrative of E.SUN Bank.

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