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Delta Electronics’ TEDA Subsidiary Allocates 3 Billion Baht for New Facilities in Thailand

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Delta Electronics revealed today that its subsidiary, TEDA, is set to invest approximately 3 billion baht (equivalent to NT$2.687 billion) in establishing new facilities within the Wellgrow Industrial Estate, Chachoengsao Prefecture, Thailand. The forthcoming WG3 and WG4 factories will be pivotal in bolstering three core business segments: power supply, passive components, and cooling fans. Delta Electronics emphasized the potential for additional expansion in the future.

The decision to construct the WG3 and WG4 factories was officially ratified by TEDA’s board of directors, with the tentative total project cost standing at 3 billion baht. Further details regarding this development will be disclosed at a later date. The primary objective behind this initiative is to cater to the evolving demands of future business growth.

Delta Electronics underscored that it presently operates two factories in Bangpoo Industrial Estate, Thailand, dedicated to vehicle and power supply production lines. Additionally, the company maintains a green industrial demonstration base in Bangkok, situated within the existing factory in Weiguo Industrial Zone, responsible for the production of power supply, cooling fans, and other products. The establishment of the new factory aims to fortify the existing product lineup and passive component configuration, with potential for further diversification.

In a related announcement, Delta shared plans to invest US$30 million (approximately NT$940 million) in its Chongqing plant in China through its Hong Kong subsidiary. This strategic investment is geared towards long-term goals, enhancing the production line layout for electronic components in electric vehicles and power supply components for electronic equipment. With ongoing projects in Thailand, India, the United States, and Eastern Europe, Delta Electronics is concurrently managing at least 10 factory projects, emphasizing its commitment to global expansion and diversification.

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