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Daewoo E&C Launches ‘Ice Jungle’ Digital Theme Park in Vietnam

The innovative Ice Jungle park in Phu Quoc features immersive media art, holograms, and an enchanting story of a magical polar bear
South Korea
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Daewoo Engineering & Construction Co. (Daewoo E&C), a major South Korean construction firm, has unveiled a new digital theme park named ‘Ice Jungle’ at its luxury residential resort in Phu Quoc, Vietnam. Spanning an impressive 13,000 square meters, the park offers visitors a unique and enchanting experience themed around ice and snow.

The centerpiece of Ice Jungle is a forest path that transforms into a breathtaking nocturnal environment, thanks to innovative Night Walk content. This transformation is achieved using immersive media technology, creating an enchanting atmosphere without altering the existing space and environment.

Central to the theme park’s story is Mua Dong, a polar bear with the magical ability to create snow and ice crystals. This narrative adds a mystical element to the visitor experience, engaging guests with a blend of storytelling and technology.

Ice Jungle is meticulously divided into various zones, including two media zones that showcase the latest in immersive media technologies. These areas feature advanced hologram screens employing 3D mapping technology, interactive sensors, and illumination lighting, providing a visually stunning and interactive experience for visitors.

The grand opening ceremony of Ice Jungle was held on December 16, with the park opening its doors to the public on Christmas Day. This innovative project by Daewoo E&C represents a significant step in blending construction, technology, and entertainment, offering a unique destination that harmonizes advanced digital art with natural themes. This venture not only diversifies Daewoo E&C’s portfolio but also marks a significant addition to Vietnam’s burgeoning tourist attractions.

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