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CyberStep Raises Nearly 45 Million Yen Through Large-Scale Stock Acquisition Rights Exercise

10.57% of Issued Shares Exercised, Boosting Capital
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On May 23, 2024, CyberStep announced a significant exercise of its 39th Stock Acquisition Rights, initially issued on November 6, 2023, with provisions for exercise price adjustment. Between May 1st and May 23rd, 185,000 shares were issued, resulting from the exercise of 1,850 rights. This represents 10.57% of the total number of shares issued.

This exercise has successfully raised 44,983,800 yen for the company. The announcement also noted that 11,980 stock acquisition rights remain unexercised.

CyberStep’s strategic move to adjust the exercise price and facilitate the large-scale exercise of stock acquisition rights underscores its commitment to bolstering its financial position and supporting future growth initiatives.

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