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CyberAgent and Hayashi Shihei Launch “MANGA APARTMENT VUY” to Foster New Manga Talent

Aspiring manga artists to receive comprehensive support at exclusive residential facility starting March 2025
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CyberAgent, in collaboration with esteemed manga editor Hayashi Shihei, has announced the launch of “MANGA APARTMENT VUY,” a unique initiative designed to discover and nurture new manga talent. Applications for residency are now open, with occupancy set to begin in March 2025.

“MANGA APARTMENT VUY” will offer aspiring manga artists a fully funded environment, covering all accommodation, utilities, food, and living expenses. This initiative aims to provide a space where artists can focus solely on their craft without financial concerns.

Hayashi Shihei, known for his editorial work on hit series such as SPY×FAMILY, Chainsaw Man, and Dandadan, will serve as the dorm manager and producer. As the CEO of MixGreen and a former editor at Shueisha, Hayashi brings a wealth of experience and a passion for supporting emerging talent. He conceived the idea for MANGA APARTMENT VUY to create a space where artists could fully commit to their dreams without financial barriers.

Hayashi expressed his vision for the project, stating, “What if there was a place where you could just face your dreams? This project started from that fantasy.” He noted that many talented individuals abandon their manga aspirations due to financial constraints, a gap MANGA APARTMENT VUY aims to bridge. By gathering dedicated artists, the project hopes to foster a competitive and nurturing environment that will lead to the creation of new works.

During their residency, participants will work exclusively on their manga, guided by the VUY editorial team. They will also be required to submit their creations to the VUY manga awards. This initiative not only supports the artists but also allows CyberAgent to quickly identify and secure promising talent.

With manga becoming an increasingly global business, CyberAgent is expanding its footprint in the entertainment sector. By supporting next-generation writers through MANGA APARTMENT VUY, the company aims to build strong relationships and cultivate new content ahead of the competition.

Given the exceptional support offered, the program is expected to attract a large number of applications. Aspiring residents must submit a manga manuscript and other documents for review. Successful candidates will be invited for interviews, with 20 to 30 residents expected to be selected by the end of January 2025. Full-scale operations are set to commence in April 2025.

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