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CIP and Century Group Celebrate Completion of Changfang-Xidao Wind Project

Plans for Expansion to Australia and Asia-Pacific Highlighted at Taipei Port Event
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The Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners’ (CIP) Changfang-Xidao Wind Project marked its completion with a gratitude tea party attended by key stakeholders including CIP fund founders, major shareholders, and international investors from Europe, the United States, and Asia-Pacific. The event, held at Century Group’s Taipei Port Offshore Wind Power Underwater Infrastructure Production Base, saw Century Iron and Steel Industrial Chairman Lai Chun-Cheng announcing plans for further expansion.

Century Group has been collaborating with CIP since 2017, transforming Taipei Port from a plain land into a key industrial hub. CIP’s support was instrumental in integrating international experience and technology into Century Group’s operations. The partnership began with a contract for 62 casing underwater projects on Changfang West Island in 2018, followed by a contract for 69 foundation piles.

Chairman Lai expressed gratitude to CIP for backing Taiwan’s localization policy. The Changfang project included the construction of a world-class factory at Taipei Port, featuring the highest single floor height globally and the capability for 24/7 indoor Jacket assembly. Despite challenges during the 2022 pandemic, CIP’s additional subsidies helped Century Group maintain its progress.

By mid-2022, Century Group had overcome initial hurdles, achieving a production target of four cased underwater foundations per month and completing 62 projects ahead of schedule by July. The successful collaboration will extend to the Jianmiao Phase 1 and Phase 2 wind farm projects.

Looking ahead, CIP has secured over 4.4GW of licenses from Victoria, Australia, including the country’s largest offshore wind farm, “Southern Star.” Century Group plans to establish a factory on Bintan Island, Indonesia, to manufacture underwater foundations for these and other Asia-Pacific projects. This expansion aims to build on the successful Taiwan partnership, extending it to Australia and beyond.

Century Group’s ongoing cooperation with CIP is set to enhance the wind power industry across the Asia-Pacific region, driving technological advancements and economic growth.

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